Natural Hydration Council

About the Natural Hydration Council

Natural Hydration Council
The Natural Hydration Council is a not for profit organisation dedicated to researching the science and
communicating the facts about healthy hydration.  We are guided by a Scientific Panel who help us communicate how good hydration habits can positively impact the nation’s health and we are supported by our members, who are all producers of naturally sourced bottled water.

Improving the health of the nation by enabling everyone in the UK to recognise water as the healthiest way to hydrate.

The NHC aims to be the leading source of engaging evidence based communications on the benefits of healthy hydration for key influencers to champion the role of water.

We also strive to ensure people have the facts on bottled water so they can make informed choices.

The Natural Hydration Council will operate with shared values of leadership, integrity, credibility,
collaboration, educational quality and inspiration.