Water Resource Protection

Protecting the Source

Water is at the heart of the bottled water industry and producers have always been committed to safeguarding the environment around the source to preserving the high quality of their waters.

The areas of land surrounding underground water sources are subject to rigorous and extensive environmental protection. The catchment area – where rain and snow seep into the soil to then journey underground through layers of rock – is a highly protected zone and can extend up to several thousands of hectares.

Protection measures help to prevent pollution and any type of contamination of the water on its way to the source. Producers work in close partnership with local communities, public authorities and farmers to ensure that the landscape around the source is kept free of pollutants, which in turn ensures the protection of biodiversity and natural habitats too.

Source EFBW

Water Resource Management

Naturally sourced waters are renewable resources, constantly replenished through nature’s water cycle. Producers of naturally sourced waters manage natural resources carefully and respectfully. The amount of water that is withdrawn is below natural flow rates.

Comprehensive groundwater management practices are essential to guarantee both the quality and quantity of naturally sourced waters, namely:

Producers undertake numerous hydrogeological studies to analyse underground aquifers, continuously monitoring the groundwater source and to ensure sustainable rates of abstraction. Continuous monitoring, control of activities and risk prevention are all measures that are implemented to guarantee the quality and quantity of the water.

Source EFBW